Triple Panda

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Triple Panda

Triple Panda

Sit back and relax in the bamboo forest, where the three panda brothers live in harmony. They have perfected the art of keeping all things equally balanced, and it has brought them happiness in abundance.

The key to maintaining perfect harmony according to the panda brothers is not only to have balance both ends, but the middle as well. Learn the secret of harmony from the panda brothers and watch as happiness come to you in abundance as well.

Game Features :

  • 3 reels 5 paylines
  • 3 panda symbols appearing in the same reel turns it into reel WILD on the next spin, and the other reels respin until a winning combination appears
  • 9 panda symbols appearing together will award the Ultimate Triple Panda, which gives 1000x multiplier to the total bet amount.
  • Stacked symbols make it easier to win on multiple lines
  • Simple and rewarding gameplay



Game name : Triple Panda
Category : Slot
Release Date : 14 April 2019
Line : 5 Lines
RTP : 96.93%
Platform : ios, android, windows dan html5
Browser : chrome, firefox, edge dan safari
Game Resolution : 16:9
Supported : Language

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